The Benefits of Offering Financing to Your Clients

There are a number of key reasons why offering your clients an option to lease or finance your product is good for business.

Bold View Capital asked our partners and came up with the following list of benefits:

Early stage companies that are operating on seed or series funding are often being asked to preserve capital. Leasing allows them to get your product without the burdensome upfront costs.

Not Just Startups
Established companies, like Fortune 500 companies, are also great candidates for leasing. Even big companies can make access to cap-ex difficult for their teams. Leasing is a great way to get your equipment inside an organization quickly without long delays due to cap-ex freezes.

Avoid Deep-Discounting
Many sales teams turn to offering discounts when trying to close a deal. But this can often spiral out of control. For the budget-conscience client, offering a financing or leasing alternative keeps the total purchase price closer to list without degrading the market-value of your equipment.

Realize Revenue Earlier
When partnered with Bold View Capital, our vendor partners realize revenue shortly after the equipment ships to the customer. So while the client kicks off their payment plan with Bold View Capital, the vendor sees the full amount in their account.

Because Your Competitor Is
When it comes down to equipment A or B, sometimes the winner is who is offering leasing or financing. Don’t let this be the reason you lose out on a deal.

More and more customers are turning to leasing and financing programs to get the equipment they need for their business. If you are a vendor and you aren’t actively offering your clients a financing/leasing alternative to an outright purchase, you are doing yourself a disservice.

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