Offer more options and win more deals

Get your sales team focused on selling

Make sure your sales team stays focused on their funnel – and not preoccupied with how to finance a complex deal.

We are the only financing company that is rooted in science. We understand this market, and understand the customer. 

Because we aren’t a broker, we can offer the most flexible payment terms, ensuring that your customers get attractive payment terms and competitive rates.

We can help you close high-risk deals that others cannot. Even take previously denied credit applicants and turn them into customers-for-life.

Promotional financing is an effective tool to help boost revenue for a specific piece of equipment, or for a specific time period.

Put your products within reach of start-ups and other speculative grade companies who are unable to access traditional financing.

There are many reasons why clients might fall into this category, including start-up companies, speculative credit, or clients operating in emerging markets. While some added steps must be taken, financing programs can still be offered to high-risk clients.

Allow your customers to “try before they buy” while building brand loyalty.

A rental-with-equity program is a great tool for helping qualified customers move forward on a deal while waiting for capital funding to become available.

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We specialize in start ups:

No credit history? Starting up a cannabis testing lab? No problem. We specialize in creating affordable financing programs that can be tailored to meet the business needs of early-stage and emerging markets.

Highly flexible:

Being self-funded enables us to create flexible and competitive financing programs. In contrast to working through a broker, you won’t run the risk of funding sources disappearing.

Proven partnerships:

We have partnerships with the best in the business, particularly with analytical instrumentation vendors. We use these relationships to deliver a worry-free procurement process that is simple and manageable.

Rooted in science:

We have the history, reputation, and relationships you can count on. We’ve enabled scientific companies through our flexible financing and proven partnerships for over 30 years.

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Matt Giedgowd,

Chief Financial Officer,


Bold View Capital has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry’s unique financial needs. Their financing options have allowed us to invest in cutting-edge equipment and expand our testing capabilities. This support has not only improved our operational efficiency but has also positioned us as a leader in the laboratory testing field.


Rooted in science

Our core competency is enabling scientific companies through our flexible financing and proven partnerships.