How does Bold View Capital compare with other financing companies?

Often we are asked – How does Bold View Capital compare with other financing companies?

When it comes to offering their clients leasing and financing programs, sales representatives have a choice of vendor partners to work with. All financing companies will promote that they have 1) low interest rates 2) great customer service and 3) a simple application process. In many ways, financing has become a commodity. So how do you choose a reliable partner among a field of similar entities?

How does Bold View Capital compare?

To understand how does Bold View Capital compare with other financing companies, it is important to start at the company’s foundation. Let’s look at Bold View Capital’s value to clients, and outline what makes us stand out amongst the field of options.

Compare Our Experience

First, our company has experience financing instrumentation for over 30 years. We have successfully financed over $1 billion worth of assets and executed thousands of transactions.

Why does our experience matter? As a sales representative for your firm, you have many daily tasks and responsibilities. And often the last thing you want is to think about financing.  Being able to seamless hand the financing aspect over to someone you can trust, and who has the experience to close the transaction is a major time saver. With thousands of transactions successfully closed at Bold View Capital, there are not many circumstances that we haven’t seen.

Compare Our Industry Expertise

Bold View Capital specializes in financing scientific instrumentation. We do not finance forklifts or vehicle fleets. Our primary expertise is scientific instrumentation. Even Bold View Capital’s founders came from the analytical chemistry world.

Why does our scientific expertise matter?  When I worked for an instrumentation manufacturer, on more than one occasion I was asked if we could offer financing. My reply was “no, but we have financing partners that can assist you”. I was surprised by how often clients would be turned-off by this simple statement. As they explained, they did not want to be sent to a bank or financial instruction.

With Bold View Capital this is a soft hand off. “We have a financing partner that strictly finances scientific instrumentation. They were founded by analytical chemists and truly understand instrumentation.” Instead of scaring off clients, this statement provides a sense of assurance that their financing needs will be addressed by a financing company that truly understands their industry. And since financing is typically address towards the end of the sales cycle, providing potential clients with assurance is a great strategy. (Learn more about this by reading our article, “The Benefits of Offering Financing to Your Clients“)

Compare Our Ability to Finance All Customer Types

In my opinion, one of our strongest sources of value is that we provide financing for all types of companies. This includes biotechnology start-up companies with only a business plan and bank account, all the way to Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, we will finance into emerging markets, such as cannabis & COVID-19 labs. We have frequently worked with companies with speculative grade credit.

Why does this matter? Having to keep track of which financing company will work with which particular client is a daunting task. “This company has been in business for 2 years and they just started generating profits” or “I know this financing company will not work with them maybe I should try this financing company?”. We provide to our vendors’ sale reps a path to remove this burden from their repertoire.

For the growing number of vendors that have partnered with Bold View Capital – our reputation as a will financing partner to all remains strong. So when asked – How does Bold View Capital compare with other financing companies? In short, our experience, industry expertise and ability to finance all customer types.