How does Bold View Capital compare with other Vendor Financing Companies?

When it comes to evaluating vendor financing partners, how does Bold View Capital compare with other financing companies?

All financing companies will promote that they have 1) low interest rates 2) great customer service and 3) a simple application process. In many ways, financing has become a commodity. So how do you choose a reliable partner among a field of similar entities?

How does Bold View Capital compare to other vendor financing providers?

To understand how does Bold View Capital compare with other financing companies, it is important to start at the company’s foundation.

We specialize in start-ups:

Back in the early days of the ‘green rush’, cannabis testing labs had extreme difficulty getting financing companies to work with them. No credit history and working in an emerging market often labeled them as too high-risk to be considered for credit approval.

Bold View Capital was a pioneer in the cannabis testing lab industry. We were instrumental in helping the initial number of cannabis testing labs get the analytical instrumentation they needed through flexible, affordable financing programs.

Bold View Capital specializes in creating affordable financing programs that can be tailored to meet the business needs of early-stage and emerging markets. As your financing partner, we can help your sales team close more deals by working with higher-risk customers, like start-ups, early-stage companies, and emerging markets.

Highly flexible:

Being self-funded enables us to create flexible and competitive financing programs. In contrast to working through a broker, you won’t run the risk of funding sources disappearing your customers. Eliminate the risk of having your sales opportunities collapse at the finish line.

We can help you close high-risk deals that others cannot. Even take previously denied credit applicants and turn them into customers-for-life.

Rooted in science:

We are the only financing company that is rooted in science. We understand this market, and understand the customer.

Having activated a $1 Billion worth of financing programs for our customers has given us the expertise in understanding the role affordable flexible financing can play in a start-up or early-stage company.

Take the next step and learn how our vendor financing programs can offer more purchasing options and win more deals.

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