Financing Scientific Instrumentation as a Start-Up Company

Any company with a bank account and business plan is viable candidate for instrumentation financing

The early stages of a company can be a thrilling adventure. A novel idea is nurtured into a viable business venture. For science-based companies, financing scientific instrumentation can be critical to achieve investor milestones. And typically, biotech startups require more than just a single piece of instrumentation. A complete workflow of analytical instrumentation, starting from sample preparation to analysis, is needed to support sophisticated research endeavors.

But when energy should be focused on improving product and growing the business, often the stress around capital preservation can become overwhelming.

Acquiring this equipment can be a major obstacle. Many start-up companies can’t access traditional debt funding from banks and financial institutions for their equipment needs. This is common for start-up companies with emerging credit, operating on their seed-funding or series-funding.

Leasing programs offer a great solution to the problem of obtaining vital analytical instrumentation. A start-up can obtain the instrumentation needed while preserving its capital for other important areas.

So why don’t more start-up companies finance instrumentation? The truth of the matter is most start-ups are simply unaware that instrumentation financing is an option. Most start-ups believe that since they are pre-revenue, financing is unavailable. Any company with a bank account and business plan is viable candidate for instrumentation financing.

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