Rentals with Equity

Allow your customers to “try before they buy” while building brand loyalty.

Rental programs allow your customers to “try-before-they-buy” and act as a bridge loan prior to purchasing.

When a percentage of the rental payments can be applied towards a future purchase, we call this a “rental-with-equity” program.

From the perspective of the customer, a rental program offers an attractive way to test out an instrument before making the commitment to buy it outright. Some vendors facilitate this through consignment programs. Often vendors observe clients taking advantage of consignment systems, without a solidified end-date. With a rental-with-equity program, the client has a contractual obligation with a 3rd party (Bold View Capital) to make payments while the instrument is being evaluated in-house.

A rental-with-equity program is a great tool for helping qualified customers move forward on a deal while waiting for capital funding to become available. After understanding the client’s business needs, the vendor and Bold View Capital will work together to create a rental plan that fits their unique situation. e terms of the rental include: the monthly rental payments, the duration of the rental program, and the percentage of equity offered to the client.

Why partner with Bold View Capital on your Vendor Leasing & Financing Program?

Not every business has a rich credit history. We understand the complexities of start-ups and don’t shy away from working with unestablished companies.

There’s no one-size-fits-all in business, and financing is no different. Our flexible financing programs can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your customers.

Your customers won’t be waiting around for credit decisions. We hold their hand through the process, ensuring that all paperwork and information is gathered and processed in a seamless, simple manner.

Your success is our success. We will outfit your commercial team with training, collateral, co-branded materials and online tools that make talking about financing a breeze.