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Any company with a bank account and business plan is viable candidate for instrumentation financing

Financing Scientific Instrumentation as a Start-Up Company

The early stages of a company can be a thrilling adventure. A novel idea is nurtured into a viable business venture. For science-based companies,
resi conference

Bold View Capital to Host Workshop at RESI Conference

This year’s RESI Conference will feature a workshop from Bold View Capital! The RESI Conference takes place September 13 – 16 and will feature

How does Bold View Capital compare with other financing companies?

Often we are asked – How does Bold View Capital compare with other financing companies? When it comes to offering their clients leasing and

5 Tips for How to Suggest Financing

Knowing how to suggest financing is an important skill for sales people, especially in the analytical chemistry industry. Why should a sales representative care

Our Favorite Financing Buzzwords

Every industry and profession has its list of go-to buzzwords. Why should financing be any different? We’ve compiled our own list of financing buzzwords

Summer 2020 Update: COVID-19 & the Instrumentation Financing Market

For our Summer 2020 update, we asked Chad Kobold, business development director of Bold View Capital about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on analytical instrument