Instrument Financing for Seed- to Series-Stage Start-Ups

The early stages for start-ups can be a thrilling adventure.

You might be a pharmaceutical or biotech company working on a promising new drug, or a food manufacturing company developing a new sustainable product. When a novel idea is nurtured into a viable business venture, excitement is in the air for many start-ups.

Once start-ups get their seed or series funding from their investors, the pressure to stretch every dollar can be overwhelming. When energy should be focused on improving product and growing the business, there is an equivalent pressure to preserve capital.

With pharmaceutical or biotech start-ups for example, they often need a complete workflow of analytical instrumentation for R&D and quality assurance and control purposes. When adding up all the instrumentation and consumables needed to get up and running, the final bill can be in the hundred-thousands of dollars range (if not over a million dollars).

This is where the value of financing comes into play. Acquiring analytical instrumentation via a capital or operating lease allows start-ups to preserve their capital. Instead of paying for the instrumentation all upfront, they can enter a set-term lease program with consistent, affordable monthly payments.