How to Choose a Financing Partner for Analytical Instrumentation?

You know the analytical instrumentation you need. And you’ve determined that financing or leasing is the best option for you and your business.

Now what? There are a number of financial institutions that will offer to finance equipment for you. But how do you evaluate which financing partner for analytical instrumentation to choose?

Here is our quick helpful tips for choosing the financing company to work with.

Background in analytical instrumentation

A financing company that has a strong background in the analytical instrumentation market are going to understand the nuances of the industry. Many financial institutions have difficulty differentiating the assets they are financing.

Experience working with start-ups

Are you a startup looking to acquire instrumentation but don’t have the credit history to get traditional debt funding from a bank? Ask the financing company whether they have experience working with startup companies, and if they offer flexible terms to meet your unique business needs.

Easy to work with

Does the company provide information upfront as to how credit decisions are made? How quickly can they give you an approval and lease documents? These are important questions to ask your financing partner in order to determine how quickly you can get your instrumentation.

Strong relationships with instrument manufacturers

Does the financing company have a strong relationship with instrument manufacturers? Many vendors have selected financing partners after going through a strong vetting process. This will help streamline the process from quote to purchase order to shipment to installation.

At Bold View Capital, we believe that financing and leasing programs should be designed with that flexibility in mind.

Let us work with you to set up an equipment financing plan so you can stop worrying about upfront costs and kick-start your path to accomplishing your bold business goals.

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